In coordination with our stakeholders, MERCY Malaysia is committed to play an active role in supporting national solidarity in the COVID-19 responses. Effective and coordinated humanitarian responses will ensure that vital services will be delivered to the vulnerable populations within the crucial period.

Pandemic Risk Reduction

Pengurangan Risiko Pandemik

Pandemic Risk Reduction: Community Level

Pengurangan Risiko Pandemik : Peringkat Komuniti

Pandemic Risk Reduction: Public Places and Facilities

Pengurangan Risiko Pandemik : Tempat Kemudahan Awam

Pandemic Risk Reduction: Educational Facilities

Pengurangan Risiko Pandemik : Kemudahan Pendidikan

Pandemic Risk Reduction: Workplace

Pengurangan Risiko Pandemik : Tempat Kerja

Construction Site Preparedness Action Plan

Pelan Tindakan Kesiapsiagaan di Tapak Pembinaan

School Preparedness Action Plan

Pelan Tindakan Kesiapsiagaan Sekolah

Wash Your Hands In 9 Easy Steps

9 Langkah Mudah Mencuci Tangan Anda

Reduce The Risk

Kurangi Risiko

Good Hygiene Practice

Physical Distancing

Staying Calm

Using Face Mask

Building Our Resilience

Towards Controlling of a Pandemic